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Goldy’s 10 Mile Race April 17, 2015

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April 11th, 2015 is the day that I actually tried to race a race while sick. I never really get sick. If I ever seem to feel ill, I usually feel a little crappy, rest and feel better the next day. Well, not this time. I started to feel kind of yucky around the 3rd. I had already planned a cut back/taper to my running for the week so I did that. I only ran 15 miles before the weekend race and hoped it would be enough of a cut back to feel better. I had been going to bed early and resting when possible. I am here to tell you: It was not enough! I woke up Saturday morning feeling horrible. I got ready anyway knowing that Stacy was expecting me and we were planning to go to the Waterpark of America after soccer. I sucked it up and off I went. I got into Stacy’s car and after the first words came out of my mouth she says “Uh oh, you are sicK!” Yes, I am!

We got to the race and waited for the start. I’ve raced this race the last 2 years and this year, they changed the course, I still enjoyed the start area and the beginning part of the race that is on the U of M campus, but they sent us through Minneapolis instead of St. Paul which is a bit more hilly.  We started out and were doing pretty well, I felt good, then the 1:30 pacer was by us and Stacy NEEDED to push to stay with them. She apparently didn’t realize that we started ahead of them, so even if they were a few steps ahead, we were still under her window of where she wanted to be for the day, so she was pushing me to go – ummm nope, can’t hold that pace for 9 more miles, my lungs will give out for sure, so the first big climb came and I told her “I cannot power up the hill, I won’t be able to breathe!” Ok, so she goes ahead and I am thankful. I kept up , but then at the waterstop, she got futher ahead and I never saw her again. I felt fine. I enjoyed the course (Stone Arch bridge again!) And just ran. I watched my pace on my watch and ran my own race. About mile 4, I took my first little walk to take in my Island Boost. I took it on a big climb of a hill crossing a bridge and was happy with that choice. I started running again and I felt pretty good. I knew this part of the course and knew that we had a giant bridge to get over after a little while. I ran until there and then picked a spot to run to before my 30 second walk break. I stayed to the side so I hopefully didn’t annoy anybody trying to push over the hill. I did pretty well once my lungs calmed back down during each walk break. Beside the little lung problem, my body felt good. I think it’s pretty amazing how my body is used to running this type of distance. I also think that if I had been feeling better I had a pr race in me. When we turned and headed back toward campus and I knew the course was downhill followed by uphill, uphill and more uphill, so I walked 30 seconds and started running again when the climbs started to be too much for my lungs. We climbed the last climb and headed toward the stadium where we ran on the field and finished at the 50 yard line. I heard the beep for mile 9 and told myself I would run the rest of the way because I knew it was flat. I did run and as we rounded the outside of the stadium and turned into the tunnel. I sprinted with what I had left and my last sprint pace ended with a 5:23 pace!

I finished in 1:33:25. Just 2 minutes slower than last year, which is great considering how I felt. Here is how my miles worked out:


As you can see, my walk breaks didn’t hurt my pace until that mile 8-9 place, but that was a REALLY hilly mile.

Overall, I am really happy with my race. The medal is really big and nice, the shirt is only ok. It fits good, but it’s a yucky color – oh well I’m wearing it today.


So after that, Stacy and Rick dropped me off at the mall and they headed to a baseball game. I waited for my family to be done with soccer and to come pick me up (they won the soccer game by the way) and then we were off to the waterpark. This seemed like a good idea when we made the plan, didn’t seem so good today!

We arrived at the waterpark and got changed and ready to ride some waterslides. As it turns out, it’s a really busy place and getting a tube is quite a challenge. I think it took us 45 minutes to get some tubes. I sent Ryan and the kids up the stairs to try a different ride and I stood near the lazy river and claimed some tubes. We finally started to float down the lazy river and our day was fun. I had a really hard time with the stairs and my lungs, but I believe that the girls had a good day. We played for a long time and then after supper we waited in line FOREVER for the one family raft ride. As we waited, the pully broke – they fixed it with duck tape and zip ties. We finally got to go on the ride and everybody loved it (ok, love might be the wrong word for me) and we were happy we waited!

We finally talked Claire into leaving there and heading home. I wasn’t tired and my body felt great considering I raced 12 hours before, but every breath was so painful that I just cried in the car. I hope I do not feel like that again any time soon!!

Since I needed to heal my lungs, I took 4 days off from running this week and I only ran 2 easy miles today. I hope I’m on the mend because this not running this doesn’t help with my stress level.

Hope everyone is doing well – what are your plans for spring??


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